Session Topics and Chairpersons

Session topic Chairpersons
Clinic meets research: aspects of translational sciences Oliver Zeitz and Jesús Pintor
Corneal and ocular surface pharmacology and therapeutics Yolanda Diebold and M. Carmen Acosta
Drugs and Ocular blood flow Jeff Kiel and Malinda Fitzgerald
Eye development and myopia Richard Stone and Christine Wildsoet
From Biomarkers to Therapies for Regeneration Nicolas Cuenca and Juana Gallar
Imaging and therapy monitoring Neil Lagali and Thomas Fuchsluger
New ophthalmic uses for existing drugs Peter Kador and Illés Kovacs
New strategies for neuroprotection and regeneration in glaucoma Neville Osborne, Abbot Clark and Shahid Husain
New treatments for retinal disease Olaf Strauss and Achim Krauss
Novel drugs and devices for IOP lowering Carol Toris and Xavier Gasull
Pharmacokinetics and sustained drug delivery Uday Kompella and Rocio Herrero-Vanrell
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  Poster Session 2
24 January 2013